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Are you a collector? Do you want to show to the world your collection, to see easily what you have when you travel, to attract fellow collectors to trade, see precise statistics for your items? You have tried several cluttered CMS systems in the past and felt overwhelmed with options, settings, too many fields to enter and so on? We have a solution for you!

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We will create a site for your collection that will be specifically tailored to you and your needs. With easy admin access you will have everything you need to manage it with ease without irrelevant clutter that comes from usual CMS solutions.

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Tailored site

We will create site specifically for your collection and with your feedback during the whole process.

Ready to Ship

Easily manage collection items with admin access!

Image gallery

Add images to your with easy dropdown upload and see them in lightbox.

Up to date

We will take care of hosting, bug fixes and upgrades of used technologies.


No upfront payments. We will ask you to pay once your website is done.

Setup fee

600*-1000 €

Covers the initial creation of your site.

* For the base price of 600 you will get customized site with admin access in terms of database setup, look and feel with these sections: Collection, Statistics, Items for sale, Guestbook and Links. Anything else that you would like to see on your site (e.g. Blog, Forum, Multi-language site) would then affect final price depending on amount of work needed. But it will be agreed before the project start.

Monthly payment

15-30 € *

Monthly maintenance fee that covers:

  • Domain registration
  • Hosting fees
  • Bug fixes
  • Updates for the used packages and technologies
  • Small changes

* depending on plan selected

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